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Subnautica Mid-Game Progression Guide

This tutorial picks up where the early game tutorial ends – right after acquisition of the Seamoth. Early game was mostly focused on close-range exploration, getting basic tools built and basic survival needs met.

Mid-game, enabled by the use of an underwater vehicle, will involve deeper exploration, longer missions away from home, further automation of survival needs, acquisition of more advanced blueprints, and development of the story line.

Visit the Floating Island

Your first mission of mid-game is to drive your Seamoth out to the Floating Island and acquire the blueprints and plant samples needed to begin farming your own food in your Seabase.

Build a Food Farm

Lay the groundwork for your exploration efforts by setting up a renewable food and H2O source at your Seabase.

Fabricate a Bioreactor

A Bioreactor adds a cheap source of electrical power to your Seabase.

Build an Aquatic Farm

Aquatic farms are key to game progression as they allow you to farm out unlimited amounts of aquatic plants from a single seed or sample.

Find Lifepod 3 and Get the Compass

Find Lifepod 17 and the Nearby Wreck

Acquire the Propulsion Cannon

Explore the Mountain Island

Acquire the Laser Cutter

Find Lifepods 4 and 6

Explore the Aurora Spacecraft

  1. Boarding the Aurora
  2. Administration and Cargo Bay
  3. Seamoth Bay
  4. Drive Room
  5. Locker Room and Prawn Bay
  6. Living Quarters
  7. Blackbox Room and Lab
  8. Finding the Exit

Find Lifepod 19

Fabricate the Prawn Suit

Explore Lifepod 13 and its Nearby Wreck

Explore the Underwater Islands Wreck

Build the Cyclops Submarine

Moving on to Late Game

Subnautica Late Game Progression Guide coming soon!