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Subnautica: Lifepod 6

The next in the series of “Lifepods whose locations must be inferred based on a chained-together series of clues involving cardinal directions” is Lifepod 6.

If you’ve been following this walk-through series in order, then Lifepod 6 can be considered strictly optional because we already obtained the Databox for the Ultra Glide Fins on our visit to the floating island.

You will need the Compass for this mission, the blueprint for which can be acquired at Lifepod 3.

The hint for finding Lifepod 6 mentions that its last radio transmission originated at a position that is 400m west-northwest of Lifepod 4.

We start out at Lifepod 4 with the Seamoth pointed to the W-NW.

After a short drive we see Lifepod 6 below, sitting on a raised shelf.

Sitting outside of the lifepod are the Databox for the Ultra Glide Fins, and a PDA.

The PDA contains the first of two Crew Log entries that hint about the fate of the lifepod’s occupants.

Inside the lifepod are 2 Flares and 1 Lead, corresponding to the details mentioned in the Crew Logs.

The 2nd Crew Log is obtained from a PDA inside the lifepod.