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How to Get the Cyclops in Subnautica

The Cyclops submarine is the largest submersible vehicle available to the player in Subnautica, and largely functions as a mobile seabase. It greatly enhances the player’s ability to explore and gather resources in more remote and deeper areas of the map.

Finding the Cyclops Blueprint Fragments

In order to construct the Cyclops you will need to gather fragments for 3 separate blueprints, and these fragments are spread across several locations in the map. Each of the 3 blueprints requires 3 fragments to complete.

Finding the Cyclops Hull Blueprint Fragments

The most convenient spot to gather the fragments needed for the Cyclops Hull Blueprint is in the Mushroom Forest biome, where they can be found scattered on the seabed. Because the densely-packed Tree Mushrooms can make this area challenging to search, you may consider setting up a small Seabase with a Scanner Room in order to find them.

Finding the Cyclops Bridge Blueprint Fragments

Like the Hull, the fragments for the Cyclops Bridge Blueprint are most easily picked up in the Mushroom Forest Biome. Again, a Seabase with a Scanner Room can be helpful in locating both kinds of fragments in this biome.

Finding the Cyclops Engine Blueprint Fragments

During your exploration of the Aurora, you may have already acquired some fragments for the Cyclops Engine Blueprint: They have a chance of spawning in the Aurora’s Cargo Bay as well as in the Aurora’s Prawn Bay. This is not guaranteed and most likely you will not get enough here to complete the blueprint. If you still need more of them, you’ll need to look for them scattered around outside of the Underwater Island Wreck.

Fabricating the Cyclops Submarine

Gather Materials Needed for the Cyclops

The ingredients for fabricating a Cyclops are:

  • Plasteel Ingot x3
  • Enameled Glass x3
  • Lubricant x1
  • Advanced Wiring Kit x1
  • Lead x3

Fabricating the Cyclops

The cyclops is fabricated at the Mobile Vehicle Bay. You will need to ensure that it is placed in a sufficiently deep location – otherwise you’ll get a warning message and the Mobile Vehicle Bay will refuse to fabricate it.

As the Cyclops is being fabricated in midair, the assistant gives some canned warnings about the skill required to pilot it.

The Cyclops submarine is finally complete. A visual hint is provided to help the player find the entrance hatch at the bottom of the bow/front end of the sub.

Onward to Late Game

With the acquisition of the Cyclops and the Prawn Suit, the player is equipped to move from the Mid-Game to the Late Game phase of Subnautica.