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Subnautica: Lifepod 13 and the Mushroom Forest Wreck

With Prawn Suit now built, our next major technology goal is to complete the blueprint for the Cyclops submarine, which will serve as a mobile seabase and will greatly ease long distance exploration. Lifepod 13 will help lead us to some blueprint fragments needed to build the Cyclops.

Don’t Forget Your Laser Cutter

Make sure to bring your Laser Cutter with you as you’ll need it to cut through a Sealed Door in the wreckage.

Finding Lifepod 13

Reaching Lifepod 13 is easy enough as it has a working beacon and we can drive right up to it. We’re going to take the Seamoth and leave our shiny new Prawn Suit at home for this mission.

As we approach its beacon we discover a new biome not yet covered in this guide: The Mushroom Forest.

Lifepod 13 itself doesn’t offer any items or blueprint fragments, just a PDA with some story on its crew.

Complete the Cyclops Hull and Bridge Blueprints

The Mushroom Forest biome is littered with Cyclops Hull Fragments and Cyclops Bridge Fragments. A total of 3 of each fragment is required to complete these blueprints. The area immediately surrounding Lifepod 13 is the best place to look for them as they tend to be most easily found in this area. If possible, get both of these blueprints completed before moving on to finding the wreck.

Cyclops Bridge Fragments

Cyclops Hull Fragments

Moonpool Fragments

If you have not yet completed the Moonpool blueprint, keep an eye out for Moonpool fragments scattered around the Mushroom Forest biome as well.

Build a Scanner Room if You’re Stuck

It can get a tedious trying to find the needed fragments. If you bring the needed materials you can place a Scanner Room in the Mushroom Forest biome, and add on a Hatch and a Solar Panel to make it functional. Set the Scanner Room to search for Fragments. Even if you don’t yet have the Scanner Room HUD chip, you can still use either the Camera Drones to track down fragments.

Finding the Mushroom Forest Wreck

Starting at Lifepod 13, look around and find the giant Tree Mushroom just up the hill from it. Get in your Seamoth and drive toward that giant tree, but keep going past it and continue on in that same direction.

Before long you should see a large, mangled piece of wreckage sitting on top of one of the other Tree Mushrooms.

Finding the Wreckage Entrances

While not one of the largest pieces of wreckage in the game, this one is divided into two separate areas that are not connected. If you’re not careful to explore both areas you will miss finding some of the blueprint fragments.

This lower entrance is the best place to access the larger of the two areas inside the wreckage.

It can also be accessed via this tunnel opening on the side of the wreckage – not as convenient but if you brought your Prawn Suit instead of the Seamoth it might be a helpful option because you can park the suit on one of the Tree Mushroom’s platforms.

The Upper Entrance

This large hole on the top side of the wreckage is the ONLY way to reach the other internal section.

Exploring the Upper Section

The upper portion of the wreck consists of one main room with a side chamber accessed through an open doorway.

This wreck contains plenty of Power Transmitter fragments.

Go through this side door to reach the side chamber where a Cyclops Bridge Fragment can be found.

Exploring the Lower Section of the Wreck

The lower part of the wreck is a little bit more involved: There are more rooms, more blueprints, and a couple of doors that need to be opened.

The First Room

This is the room that is directly accessed from the big torn-open hole on the outer hull of the wreckage – or by swimming in through the small tunnel entrance.

Inside this room some decorative blueprints can be obtained, including the Plant Shelf and Picture Frame.

Another Power Transmitter fragment may be found here as well.

The Databox Room

At the top wall of the first room is a regular door that can be opened by hand. Go through this door to reach the Databox Room.

The databox in this room contains the blueprint for the Cyclops Thermal Reactor module. This is an extremely useful and important blueprint to acquire as it allows your Cyclops to recharge its Power Cells using environmental heat sources.

Sitting next to the databox is a PDA containing the Aurora Scanner Room Voice Log databank entry.

The Console Room

To reach the Console Room you need to cut through a Sealed Door using your Laser Cutter.

Another Cyclops Bridge fragment brings us one step closer to completing the blueprint. A Propulsion Cannon blueprint fragment can also be found here, but most likely is not needed at this stage of the game.

The Upper Console Room

Just above the Console Room is another room with more consoles. It contains a Cyclops Hull blueprint fragment.