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Subnautica: Finding Lifepod 7

Lifepod 7 is, by far, the most difficult lifepod to find. It’s also completely optional, as it contains only cosmetic collectible items.

Where to Even Begin

In addition to being difficult to locate, it’s also not very easy to explain how to find Lifepod 7.

The Lifepod 7 Transmission Origin databank entry mentions that it is located about 1000 meters SW of the aurora. Unfortunately that isn’t the most helpful clue, and most of the route between those two places is inhabited by some very unpleasant sea life. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be taking a different route, starting at the Floating Island.

This beach is the one that you are most likely to find when you first discover the island as it’s on the north side.

I’ve already placed a beacon at Lifepod 7 so that we can have a visual of about where to aim for, starting from this beach.

To help visualize the location of Lifepod 7, as well as the nearby Ghost Leviathan, I turned off the Water Volume effect in the F3 menu.

Note how the lifepod is situated between two hazardous areas. To the rear of the Aurora are multiple Reaper Leviathans, which is why we didn’t take that route. But also, beyond the lifepod is a Ghost Leviathan.

Lifepod 7 sits among a swirl of leaning rock protrusions that characterize this area. If you see rocks like this you are likely not far from it.

Come prepared to fend off the Bone Sharks that inhabit this area. The Seamoth Perimeter Defense module is helpful.

Inside of Lifepod 7 we discover a toy car and a grey hat that can be picked up, an Unusual Doll that can be scanned, and the Lifepod 7 crew log.

After scanning the Unusual Doll it can be fabricated. For some reason it appears alone under a heading titled Hull Plates.

The Toy Car can be picked up and takes up 4 inventory slots. It can be bound to the hotbar in order to place it as a decoration within your Seabase or Cyclops.