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Subnautica: How to Get the Stalker Tooth

Once you’re ready to start building late game vehicles you will need to find Stalker Teeth in order to fabricate Enameled Glass. This guide will help you get lots of teeth quickly and easily.

Getting Stalker Teeth might seem like a difficult task at first – Stalkers are fast, agile, and will attack the player, dealing a small but significant amount of damage.

How to Get Stalker Teeth

Take the Teeth By Force

Stalkers will often drop a tooth if attacked, or if you collide into them using a vehicle. However this quickly kills the Stalker so it’s not a very effective way to gather teeth.

Wait for Stalkers to Drop Teeth

Stalkers will play with metal objects that they find – most often this will be pieces of Metal Salvage, but they will also play with certain other items like the detachable camera drones that come with the Scanner Room. Each time that a stalker picks up a piece of metal, it has a chance to drop a Stalker Tooth.

An easy way to pick up Stalker teeth is to find where Stalkers are playing with their metal, and look around on the ground below, especially near their pile of Metal Salvage.

How to Farm Stalker Teeth Quickly

Stalker Teeth can be farmed more effectively by finding a small group of Stalkers and giving them a few pieces of Metal Salvage to play with.

This process can be further sped up by deploying one or more Grav Traps in order to keep the stalkers and Metal Salvage pieces in a confined area, leading to teeth being dropped more often and in a specific area.

As the Stalkers play with the metal, they tend to drag the Grav Trap(s) along, leaving a path of scattered teeth.

Stalker Teeth Have a Limit

It’s important to understand that the game will only allow a limited number of Stalker Teeth to spawn at one time. If you leave your Stalker Tooth farm and come back, you will likely find some teeth when you come back but they will not pile up indefinitely.