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How to get – and use – the Propulsion Cannon in Subnautica

The Propulsion Cannon is a multi purpose tool and weapon that can grab objects and then either release them gently or launch them forward as a projectile.

Acquiring the Blueprint

Propulsion Cannon fragments are commonly found in small crates sitting inside of and around large pieces of wreckage from the Aurora. In particular the large wreck near Lifepod 17 is an excellent source of fragments.

Fabricating the Propulsion Cannon

The Propulsion Cannon is fabricated from 1x Wiring Kit, 1x Battery, and 1x Titanium.

Equip it on your hotbar to ready it for use.

How to Use the Propulsion Cannon

The Propulsion Cannon makes it very easy to catch fish.

It can be used to quickly grab and break open rock outcrops.

It can be used to steal Metal Salvage from (or give it back to) Stalkers.

The Propulsion Cannon is the easiest and safest way to deal with Cave Crawlers. They can be disabled by launching them against a nearby wall – it usually takes 2 impacts to do enough damage.

Alternatively you can launch them into the sea if you happen to be outside.

While exploring what’s left of the Aurora, the Propulsion Cannon can be used to move crates out of the path where they happen to be blocking doorways and other choke points.