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Exploring the Mountain Island in Subnautica

There is still one more island to check out, and now is a good time to make a quick run out to it. Although it doesn’t hold any blueprints like the Floating Island, it’s a very easy source of some Tier 3 materials that would otherwise require deep-diving to acquire. In particular we need 2x Diamonds in order to build a Laser Cutter, which will be needed for exploring wrecks.

How to Get to the Mountain Island

The clouds that hide the Mountain Island can be seen when looking past the front of the Aurora. Climb in your Seamoth and head toward those clouds.

As with the Floating Island, the Mountain Island emerges from the clouds as you approach.

Head around to the left side of the island. Going to the right side is not advisable.

Make sure to park the Seamoth offshore as it can become stuck on land.

This island has Bulbo Trees scattered on the beach, which can provide a source of food and H2O if needed.

A cave opening can be seen just above this beach.

Like all of the caves on this island, Shale Outcrops and Lithium can be found inside.

All of the caves on the island have Cave Crawlers living in them. They can be killed with two hits from the Survival Knife, but the Propulsion Cannon is much easier. Use it to pick up the Cave Crawler, then fire it again to launch it at a nearby wall.

It may take a couple of impacts to kill it, so watch where it bounces the first time.

There’s also a cavern with water inside.

If you’re feeling brave you can swim down to find the Purple Tablet hidden below.

Back outside, as we round the corner to the back side of the island we see the Enforcement Platform.

For this chapter we’re going to skip exploring the inside of the Enforcement Platform, so follow the upper path on the right.

Another Purple Tablet, make sure to collect it.

Another view of the outside of the Enforcement Platform.

Continue along the trail around the island, indicated by the arrow.

This path leads up the side of the mountain, with the wreck of the Aurora visible in the distance.

Further up, you’ll start to find some caves.

This side tunnel on the left leads to a small maze of caves with more resources and Cave Crawlers.

This warp gate can’t be activated from here.

Below the warp gate is another network of caves to explore.

If you take the right path you may find your way to the cliffs on the front side of the mountain. It can be tricky to figure out though so I’ll show an easier path.

On the way out you can slide down this dangerous looking cliff with little to no loss in health, for a quick return to the Seamoth.

Back around at the front of the island, there’s a steep path leading up.

Once you get up to this spot with the ivy you can jump over to the cliff area.

Another Purple tablet can be found on this cliff.

This is the cave the leads back into the maze of caves beneath the warp gate.

Inside is the most metal-rich area of caves on the whole island. It would take several trips to havest all of these Lithium and Shale Outcrops (Gold, Diamond, Lithium.)

After exploring the island and Enforcement Platform these were the contents of my inventory. A net of 2 Purple Tablets along with 3 Ion Cubes, a bunch of Lithium as well as some Diamond and Gold.