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Subnautica: Exploring the Quarantine Enforcement Platform

For the initial trip to the Mountain Island the main goal was to acquire 2x Diamonds in order to build the Laser Cutter, so we skipped over exploration of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform and broke it out into this separate chapter.

In the previous chapter we took the upper path to the right in order to make our way into the mountain, in search of resources. For this chapter we’re going to keep left, walking along the shore until we reach a green force field gate.

The Purple Tablet here has been destroyed, but you can scan it in order to acquire the blueprint to fabricate your own.

The Databank provides some guesses about the nature of the Purple Tablets.

Since I acquired 3 Purple Tablets on this island in the previous chapter, I’m going to use one of them to unlock this force field door.

The lock mechanism has accepted the Purple Tablet and the force field door is now open.

Scanning the lock mechanism gives some info about it.

Rounding the first bend after entering the Enforcement Platform’s force field door.

The first thing encountered is an Alien Data Terminal. This first terminal provides no info except about the terminal itself.

A little further is the first Ion Cube. These are valuable items in mid to late game.

Scanning the Ion Cube produces some info about it in the Databank.

Picking up the Ion Cube.

Through the next corridor, we find another Ion Cube.

A bit further along, an Alien Data Terminal that actually does provide some useful information.

Eventually you’ll arrive at this elevator shaft. Walk into it to be levitated to your destination. It will take you both up and down.

At the bottom of the elevator we find the Enforcement Platforms’s Moonpool.

At the end of the Moonpool is a doorway leading to the next area.

After that long drop down we are going to climb back up a bunch of stairs.

On the way up is another Ion Cube.

The Alien Rifle sits on display.

Another passive warp gate – it can’t be activated from this side.

Further up, another Purple Tablet sits on a podium.

Another alien device locked in a display case – scan it for a Databank entry.

At the top we arrive at another locked force field gate requiring a Purple Tablet.

After passing through the gate we arrive at the last chamber in the Enforcement Platform.

This column – the Energy Core – can be scanned for an informative Databank entry.

You can “Interact” with the large square button on the front of the Energy Core.

As you reach forward, your hand is caught by the machine, and a robotic arm reaches out and stabs your arm.

Oof ouch owie my wrist.

The Energy Core informs you that it’s detected that you are infected [with the Kharaa Bacterium], and that you are therefore ineligible to deactivate the Quarantine Enforcement Platform.

Afterwards, your receive another Databank entry with “intercepted background data” providing a wealth of clues about the other alien facilities located on this planet.