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Subnautica: Exploring the Large Wreck Near Lifepod 17

The visit to Lifepod 17 leads the player to a massive piece of nearby wreckage from the Aurora. This large wreck can be a challenge to explore but yields a number of important new blueprints.

There are enough fragments inside the wreckage to ensure that you’ll end up with complete blueprints of all of the following, as well as a few of the 20 needed fragments for the Prawn Suit.

  • Propulsion Cannon
  • Battery Charger
  • Modification Station
  • Laser Cutter
  • Floodlight
  • Picture Frame
  • Bench
  • Command Chair

Despite the size and complexity of this wreck it contains no doors that require a Laser Cutter to pass through. You will, however, want to make sure to bring a Repair Tool.

There are two openings into this wreck. The Seamoth is facing into one of the openings.

The other opening is closer to the center of the wreck but still on the top side.

In order to make exploration easier I’ve deployed a Floating Air Pump with a chain of Pipes running down into the wreck to supply O2, saving me from having to constantly swim back to the Seamoth.

The tubes are not necessary if you’re quick enough, but you’ll need to make a lot of trips back to the Seamoth to refill your O2 tank.

Just inside the first opening we find the Command Chair and a Battery Charger Fragment.

In the same area, a Propulsion Cannon fragment hidden in a crate.

A Laser Cutter fragment and a bottle of Filtered Water in a storage box.

The next room has tons of fragments scattered everywhere – Battery Charger, Modification Station, Prawn Suit and Laser Cutter.

A Prawn Suit fragment.

Even this bench can be scanned for a blueprint of it.

A Modification Station Fragment – you’ll need 3 of them to complete the blueprint but there are more than enough of them in this wreck.

Yet more Modification Station fragments.

Lots of Propulsion Cannon fragments hidden in crates everywhere.

The Propulsion Cannon blueprint requires 3 fragments, but there are lots of them in the wreck.

This door has to be repaired with the Repair Tool in order to pass through.

After being repaired the door shows 2 green lights, and can be opened.

This picture frame can be scanned and allows you to place your in-game screenshots in a picture frame on your wall.

An abandoned PDA containing Alterra Citizen Testimonials.

The floodlight can be scanned to acquire its blueprint.

A poster for Natural Selection II – unfortunately it can’t be retrieved, unlike the other posters found in Subnautica.