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Subnautica: Lifepod 17

After Lifepod 3, Lifepod 17 is the next shallowest one at 100m. It sits in a Grassy Plateaus biome, not far from a large piece of wreckage from the Aurora.

The coordinates have been provided by the transmission from Lifepod 17, so finding it is straightforward.

A Seamoth Fragment sits on the seabed near Lifepod 17.

The lifepod contains only an abandoned PDA with the Lifepod 17 Crew Log.

Lifepod 17 also sits near one of the entrances to the Jellyshroom Cave biome. Your Seamoth can’t go past 200m at this point, but you can swim further down to find Shale Outcrops, Lithium, and Magnetite.

Although Lifepod 17 itself didn’t contain any blueprints, the enormous piece of wreckage behind it contains numerous useful fragments.