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How to get the Prawn Suit in Subnautica

In previous chapters we picked up the Prawn Suit blueprint while exploring the wreck of the Aurora, and obtained some new ingredients and Prawn-related blueprints from the wreck near Lifepod 19. We should now have everything required to piece together the mighty Prawn Suit.

Ingredients List

The following ingredients are required to fabricate the Prawn Suit (aka P.R.A.W.N. Suit aka Exosuit):

  • 2x Plasteel Ingot
  • 2x Aerogel
  • 1x Enameled Glass
  • 2x Diamond
  • 2x Lead

Acquiring the Lead and Diamonds

You can get Lead by breaking open Sandstone Outcrops that can be found in the Kelp Forest and Grassy Plateaus biomes.

In an earlier chapter we made a trip to the mountain island to gather Shale Outcrops, which can contain Diamonds.

Get Stalker Teeth to Make Enameled Glass

See the chapter about how to get Stalker Teeth for info about gathering this item more easily.

Fabricate Enameled Glass

Each Enameled Glass requires 1x Glass (2x Quartz) and 1x Stalker Tooth to fabricate. At this point you’ll need 1 Enameled Glass in to build the Prawn Suit, and 1 to build the Vehicle Modification Station. It’s not advisable to pre-fabricate more than about 2-3 extra Enameled Glass because they’re a specialized ingredient and you’re unlikely to need very many of them in order to build everything needed to complete the game.

Get the Ingredients for Plasteel Ingots

Each Plasteel Ingot requires 1x Titanium Ingot (10x Titanium) and 2x Lithium to fabricate. We covered the Titanium Ingots in our chapter about building the Seamoth. We found plenty of Lithium in caves when we ventured over to the Mountain Island.

Fabricate the Plasteel Ingots

With the ingredients in hand we can now fabricate the 2x Plasteel Ingot needed to build the Prawn Suit.

Get the Ingredients for Aerogel

Aerogel is arguably the most valuable, and most late-game ingredient required to build the Prawn Suit. That’s because it requires one of the rarest natural resources in the game: Ruby.

Where to Find Rubies

There are several places where you can find them but in general, Rubies that can be reached in early to mid game are almost always found on walls that look similar to the one pictured above. Our outing to Lifepod 19 brought us into an area where plenty of Rubies can be found without diving very deep.

Find and Farm Gel Sacks

During that same trip to Lifepod 19, we also came across some Gel Sacks, including 1 sitting right next to the lifepod. You only need to gather 1 Gel Sack from the wild, because once you get it to an Exterior Growbed that’s been placed underwater, you can plant and farm as many Gel Sacks as you want.

To farm out Gel Sacks, plant the one you gathered from the wild in your Exterior Growbed. A fully-grown Gel Sack will produce 1 Gel Sack seed each time that you strike it with the Survival Knife, but will be destroyed when struck for the third seed. You can optionally pick up the Gel Sack after taking 2 seeds.

Infinite Gel Sack Seeds Exploit

As of the time of this writing it is possible to exploit this mechanic because the picked Gel Sack “forgets” that you’ve already gotten your 2 seeds from it, and can be re-planted over and over again to farm seeds endlessly without waiting for generations of Gel Sacks to mature.

Fabricate the Aerogel

We need 2x Aerogel to fabricate the Prawn Suit, and each Aerogel requires 1x Gel Sack and 1x Ruby.

Finally… Fabricate the Prawn Suit!

Once you’ve got all the materials gathered, Climb up on your Mobile Vehicle Bay and fabricate your new Prawn Suit.

As the drones construct your new exosuit, you are warned not to let its awesome power go to your head.

Meet Your Shiny New Prawn Suit

Let’s run through a the features of your Prawn Suit.

The Prawn Suit’s storage compartment is located on the back of the upper body piece. It holds 24 slots of storage and can be expanded with storage upgrade modules that can be fabricated in the Moonpool using the Vehicle Upgrade Console.

On the upper left surface of the Prawn Suit you can find the door to access and install/uninstall upgrade modules, including specialized arms like the Drill Arm, Torpedo Arm, Grappling Arm, and Propulsion Cannon Arm.

On each shoulder of the Prawn you can access one of its two Power Cells.

The Prawn Suit’s diving capabilities far exceed those of the Seamoth: Out of the box, your exosuit can dive to 900m. With its most advanced depth module installed it can dive all the way to 1700m below the surface.

The prawn suit comes with standard “Claw” arms by default. The Claw Arms can be used for punching and do a significant amount of damage. They can also be used for picking up small items, which will be deposited into the suit’s storage compartment.

Your Prawn Suit comes equipped with a built in Jump Jet, which allows it to make sustained jumps. The Jump Jet’s purple “charge” bar can be seen in the lower right corner of the screen and will rapidly charge back up whenever the suit is standing on a surface. The effectiveness of the Jump Jet can be significantly enhanced by installing a Jump Jet Upgrade module.