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Subnautica – Exploring The Grassy Plateaus

Up to this point in the tutorial, everything that’s been covered can be accomplished within a 300 meter radius of your Lifepod. During this early game exploration we’ve come across the first two biomes of Subnautica: The Safe Shallows and The Creepvine Forest. In this chapter we’ll look at your journey beyond the 300m zone into the next biome: The Grassy Plateaus.

Biome Progression

The Safe Shallows

The colorful, shallow area surrounding your Lifepod (sometimes referred to as the Safe Shallows) is the first biome.

The “Kelp Forest” / Creepvine Forest

There are several, easily identified patches of Creepvine Forest biome in the area surrounding your Lifepod. (Within the game on the info pane this biome is called The Kelp Forest.)

The Grassy Plateaus (aka Red Grass biome)

If you start to venture beyond the Creepvine forests, you’ll likely encounter a dropoff down to the Grassy Plateaus, an open expanse of red sea grass just below 100m depth. This is the next biome that you should start exploring – but because of the depth of the seabed and the relative distance from your Lifepod, this biome will present some new challenges. Even with the help of the Seaglide, swimming down to around 100m takes some time and O2.

Also, once you dive below 100m, you start consuming O2 more rapidly.

In the next chapter we’ll explore some options for safely exploring this biome.