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Subnautica: How to Get the Repair Tool and Radiation Suit

The Repair Tool and Radiation Suit are two items that I’ve deliberately put off until later in the tutorial, despite being somewhat early-game items in terms of the materials needed in order to fabricate them.

However they have not been necessary for any of the steps covered so far, and these two items tend to be associated with story line development and exploration into more advanced areas. These are topics that I’ve avoided in order to minimize information that could be considered game spoilers within the context of those earlier sections of the tutorial.

Fabricate the Repair Tool

The required starting materials for the Repair Tool have already been covered in previous chapters: Silicone and Titanium in the Fabricate Basic Survival Tools chapter, and Cave Sulfur in the Dangerous Fauna chapter. The silicone is fabricated from a Creepvine Seed Cluster and the Cave Sulfur can be obtained from the Sulfur Plants where Crashfish hide.

Gather Materials for the Radiation Suit

Without the Radiation Suit, the area surrounding the wreckage of the Aurora is impassible due to lethal radiation levels.

The radiation suit requires 2x Lead, which can be found in Sandstone Outcrops, and 4x Creepvine Samples, used to fabricate the 2x Fiber Mesh.

Gather Creepvine Samples for Fiber Mesh

Forests of Creepvine can be found not far from your Lifepod.

You can harvest Creepvine Samples by slashing the vines with your Survival Knife at close range. Remember that you need 4x Creepvine Samples for the Radiation Suit – and don’t forget to grab 1x Creepvine Seed Cluster if you still need Silicone Rubber for your Repair tool.

Gather Lead

In addition to the Creepvine pieces needed for these two items, the Creepvine forests can be a good place to look for the Sandstone Outcrops that contain the Lead needed for your Radiation Suit.

Remember to use your Grav Trap to help find the outcrops.

Fabricate the Radiation Suit

Back at the fabricator, those bulky Creepvine Samples can finally be converted into Fiber Mesh.

With the Fiber Mesh and Lead gathered, the Radiation Suit can be fabricated.

After fabricating the Radiation Suit, its 3 pieces (suit, helmet, gloves) are automatically equipped on the player. You are now able to enter radioactive areas around the wreck of the Aurora (though you may want to hold off on that, for the time being.)