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Subnautica: How to Fabricate Basic Survival Tools

At the start of the game, the player is already given access to dozens of blueprints, which can be viewed on the Blueprints tab of the PDA and can be used to fabricate items from resources at the Fabricator. Most of these blueprints will not be usable until later in the game, and it may not be obvious which items the player should prioritize building.

Fabricate Basic Survival Tools From Titanium and Silicone

The first two resources that you will need to collect are Titanium and Creepvine Seed Clusters, which can be used to create Silicone rubber. With just a small amount of each of these (4x Titanium + 3x Silicone rubber), you’ll have collected enough materials to fabricate the following 3 basic survival tools:

  • Survival Knife (1x Titanium + 1x Silicone rubber)
  • Fins (2x Silicone rubber)
  • Standard O2 Tank (3x Titanium)

Gathering Creepvine Seed Clusters

Forests of Creepvines can be found within a few dozen meters of your Lifepod. Stalkers are often found in these areas, be careful to avoid them.

Swim up to the glowing seed clusters and pick at least 2 clusters from the vine.

Gathering Titanium

The easy way: pick up a piece of Metal Salvage, which can be found scattered in the area around your Lifepod. One piece of Metal Salvage will give you 4x Titanium, which is enough to craft our first set of tools.

The not so easy way: Find and break Limestone Outcrops, which have a chance of yielding 1x Titanium each. These have the benefit of possibly yielding Copper Ore instead, which will be useful for the next tier of tools that we will be fabricating.

Crafting the Basic Survival Tools

Now that we have one Metal Salvage and 2 Creepvine Seed Clusters, we’re ready to begin fabricating the basic survival tools.

At the fabricator, fabricate Titanium (x4) from the Metal Salvage.

Similarly, process each of the two Creepvine Seed Clusters into Silicone (x2), yielding a total of 4x Silicone Rubber.

After processing the gathered resources we now have the intermediate materials, 4x Titanium and 4x Silicone Rubber.

After fabricating the Survival Knife, Fins, and Standard O2 Tank, we can see that the fins and tank have been equipped on player slots, and the knife and spare silicone sit in the player’s inventory. The knife should now be bound to the player’s hotbar for quick access.