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Subnautica: Aurora – Locker Room and Prawn Bay

The next two areas in our exploration of the Aurora spacecraft are the Locker Room and the Prawn Bay. The Locker Room contains the door code needed for one of the cabins in the Living Quarters, and the Prawn Bay holds our primary objective: More than enough Prawn Suit fragments to complete the Prawn Suit blueprint.

This guide is part of our series “Subnautica: Exploring the Aurora.”

Getting Into the Locker Room

To the left of the hallway that leads to the Drive Room is the one that leads to the Locker Room.

At the end of the hallway is a Sealed Door that has to be cut open with the Laser Cutter.

The locker room contains some basic supplies as well as a couple of PDAs – one of which contains the door code for Cabin #1 in the Living Quarters.

At the far end of the Locker room is a hallway leading to the Prawn Bay.

Open the Prawn Bay Door Please

The door leading into the Prawn Bay needs to be repaired with the Repair Tool in order to open it.

Putting out the nearby fire will ensure a more comfortable experience.

With the fire out of the way, the Prawn Bay door can be repaired and opened.

Inside the Prawn Bay are 5 Prawn Suits. Only 4 suits need be scanned to complete the Prawn Suite blueprint.

Climbing the Ramp to Living Quarters

Although this ramp can be cleared of debris using the Propulsion Cannon, it’s also quite easy to just walk up the bent metal beam and onto the crates without moving anything.

Continue walking across the crates and follow the catwalk to the right.

Ignore the Room on the Wall

You may notice an elevated room that is attached to the wall on the same side of the Prawn Bay where you entered through the sealed door. (See the blue arrow in the photo above.) You may be tempted to try to reach this door, given the pile of crates nearby that could be stacked to climb up. Rest assured, the room is just for decoration.

I tested this myself using teleport commands. It’s possible to teleport onto the catwalk using the following command:

warp 1003 9 7

The fire on the catwalk does not damage the player – nor can it be extinguished. The door cannot be opened, and attempts to teleport into the room failed, showing that the room is just a solid block with nothing inside.