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Subnautica: Aurora – Living Quarters

The next area that we’re going to explore is the Living Quarters. This area offers lots of basic supplies as well as a few non-functional items that can’t be found anywhere else in the game.

This guide is part of our series “Subnautica: Exploring the Aurora.”

Starting from the upper catwalk in the Prawn Bay, the Living Quarters can be found at the end of this hallway after passing the Supply Room and the Canteen.

Supply Room

The Supply Room contains a few Nutrient Blocks as well as several bottles of Filtered Water.


The Canteen contains several scannable pieces of furniture, the Keep Calm Poster (found only here,) as well as a PDA containing the Canteen’s menu.

Though optional, it’s much easier to explore the Canteen if the fires are put out.

Scannable items in this room include Bar Tables, Trash Cans, a Vending Machine, and Countertop.

Behind the bar the Keep Calm kitty poster can be found, with the menu PDA sitting on the bar nearby.

Moving on past the Canteen, the hallway branches left and right.

The Crew Cabins

With the exception of Cabin 1 and the Captain’s Quarters, most of the crew cabins in the Living Quarters are fairly similar. The beds can be scanned for blueprints, and this is the only location in the game where the Carry All (a black duffel bag that can store items) can be acquired.

Scattered through the cabins are basic supplies (water, first aid, batteries) as well as PDAs with intimate details of the crews’ personal lives.

In addition to the Keep Calm Kitty Poster in the Canteen, three other posters can be found in this area: Two different Prawn Suit Posters plus a Natural Selection II Poster.

Fire Safety

A few scattered fires are blocking doorways in this area. Use the Fire Extinguisher as needed.

This door with burning debris in front of it can’t be opened.

Captain’s Quarters

At this stage of the game we don’t yet have the door code for the Captain’s Quarters, so don’t bother looking around for it in the Aurora.

Cabin 1

Next to the Captain’s Quarters, Cabin 1 is the only other room in the Living Quarters requiring a Door Code – which we found in a PDA in the Locker Room.

Cabin 1 contains a couple of scannable furniture items that we have not yet encountered: the Wall Shelves and the Basic Double Bed.

It also contains a couple of unique decorative items – the Blue Cap and the Arcade Gorge Toy.