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Subnautica: Exploring the Aurora

The next big mission that we’re going to tackle is the exploration of the crashed wreck of the Aurora spacecraft. This is a long mission so I’ve divided it up into several chapters.

The Aurora is not initially accessible at the beginning of the game, even with the Radiation Suit equipped. Before you can get into the Aurora you have to wait for it to explode, blasting away the entire front end of the ship in the process. That explosion will create the opening where we can enter the Aurora.

Gear Up for the Mission

Make sure to bring the following tools with you:

  • Laser Cutter and Repair Tool – Both are critical for opening doors in the Aurora.
  • Propulsion Cannon – While it is possible to board the Aurora without a Propulsion Cannon, it is extremely useful on this mission and allows you to make your exit without backtracking through the entire ship. It also is the safest and most convenient way to deal with the Cave Crawlers and Bleeders that now inhabit the ship.
  • Flashlight and Scanner
  • Survival Knife

In addition to the normal supplies that you would typically bring on a long mission (food, water, first aid,) it’s advisable to bring a few Fire Extinguishers as most of the Aurora is on fire.

Each Fire Extinguisher costs 3x Titanium to fabricate.

Explore the Wreck of the Aurora

Exploration of the wreck is divided into the following chapters:

  1. Boarding the Aurora
  2. Administration and Cargo Bay
  3. Seamoth Bay
  4. Drive Room
  5. Locker Room and Prawn Bay
  6. Living Quarters
  7. Blackbox Room and Lab
  8. Finding the Exit