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Subnautica: Aurora – Seamoth Bay

The Seamoth Bay is a quick stop in our progression through the wreck of the Aurora, and it contains our first piece of valuable loot: A Seamoth Depth Module MKI.

This guide is part of our series “Subnautica: Exploring the Aurora.”

Getting to the Seamoth Bay

As we exit the Cargo Bay’s freight elevator we see the signs for Seamoth Bay and Drive room. We’ll head to the right toward the door to the Seamoth Bay.

The door into the Seamoth Bay can be opened by using the Repair tool.

With the door open we can now access the Seamoth bay.

There are several Seamoth fragments in this room but most likely you have already acquired the Seamoth’s blueprint before starting this mission.

However, the console near the wall holds a Seamoth Depth Module MKI, a valuable item at this stage of the game.

This Databank entry is found in the PDA in this room.