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Subnautica: Aurora – Drive Room

The Drive Room of the Aurora is optional but offers the player 2 specific opportunities: First, a valuable free item, the Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module, can be easily picked up. Second, if the player chooses to repair Drive Core Shielding breaches then the area of radiation surrounding the Aurora will be immediately and permanently removed.

This guide is part of our series “Subnautica: Exploring the Aurora.”

Getting Into the Drive Room

Moving on from the Cargo Bay elevator and just to the left of the Seamoth Bay is the hall leading to the Drive Room.

The door into the drive room is blocked by fire, you’ll need a Fire Extinguisher to put it out.

With the fire out of the way we can walk into the Drive Room.

Repairing the Drive Core Shielding Breaches

The Drive Room contains 4 Drive Core pillars that are partially submerged. There are a total of 11 breaches scattered across the surface of these 4 pillars. Each breach can be repaired using the Repair Tool.

If all of the breaches are repaired, the Aurora will stop leaking radiation which means that your Radiation Suit will no longer be needed. While not strictly necessary, this frees up the player’s “armor/helmet slots” for more advanced wearable items without having to avoid the otherwise-radiated area surrounding the Aurora.

The breaches can be scanned using the Scanner to unlock a Databank entry giving more info.

The water in the Drive Room contains several Bleeders. Repairing the breaches will go a lot more smoothly if you proactively deal with the Bleeders instead of waiting for them to sneak up and latch-on.

Get the Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module

The console in the middle of the room holds a Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module.