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Subnautica: Exploring the Large Wreck Near Lifepod 6

Not far from Lifepod 6 is a large piece of wreckage from the Aurora that contains dozens of blueprint fragments. Most of them are redundant with those found in the wreck near Lifepod 17. The notable exception, which is the Databox for the Lightweight High Capacity Tank, is an item that you will likely never want to use as it sacrifices O2 capacity for the sake of improved swim speed. As with the exploration of Lifepod 6 itself, this mission can be considered optional.

This wreck is quite a bit smaller than the one near Lifepod 17, but in this case you will need the Laser Cutter in order to fully explore this wreckage.

Blueprint fragments that be acquired here:

  • Battery Charger
  • Laser Cutter
  • Upgrade Station
  • Lightweight High Capacity Tank (Databox)
  • Propulsion Cannon
  • Bench
  • Floodlight
  • Basic Plant Pot
  • Plant Shelf

Just inside the hull breach is a yellow-handled door that can be simply opened by clicking on it.

Inside are a couple of new plant farming containers that can be scanned for blueprints.

Another Natural Selection 2 poster can be found here.

Just beyond is the “Sealed Door” requiring the Laser Cutter to open it.

In a small space just outside of the next room, the Databox for the Lightweight High Capacity Tank can be found.

At the bottom of this elevator shaft is another door that leads to the final room full of fragments.

This big room is filled with blueprint fragments, most notably for the Battery Charger and Upgrade Station.