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How to Get the Seamoth in Subnautica

The Seamoth submersible vehicle is one of the most game-changing items that can be acquired in Subnautica. It allows the player to quickly reach and return from distant parts of the map, and to explore deep underwater without ever worrying about running out of O2.

Before you can build your Seamoth, you will need to acquire its blueprint as well as the materials needed to fabricate it. Also, you will have to acquire the blueprint and materials needed for the Mobile Vehicle Bay, which is required in order to actually fabricate the Seamoth. The options explored in the previous chapter may help you acquire the needed blueprints more easily:

Get the Blueprint for the Mobile Vehicle Bay

Mobile Vehicle Bay fragments can usually be found in small storage crates sitting on the seabed in the Kelp Forest biome, not far from your Lifepod.

Make sure to check boxes whose opening is obscured by seaweed.

Get the Blueprint for the Seamoth

Seamoth fragments can be found in the Grassy Plateaus biome, though it may take some searching in order to find the 3 fragments needed.

Look for the distinctive blue and white stripes on the seamoth’s tail section.

Some fragments may be harder to notice at first, either obscured by red grass or mingled in with piles of wreckage.

Fabricating Components

In order to fabricate the Mobile Vehicle Bay you will need 1x Titanium Ingot, 1x Lubricant, and 1x Power Cell. The Seamoth also needs all of these same ingredients (as well as a couple others,) so make 2 of each of these items.

Fabricate Titanium Ingots

Each Titanium Ingot requires 10x Titanium to fabricate. Remember that the easiest way to get Titanium is by picking up Metal Salvage in shallow areas.

Fabricate Power Cells

In order to fabricate each Power Cell, you’re going to need to use 2x Batteries and 1x Silicone. By now you probably have some old Batteries that are completely out of power… hopefully you haven’t been throwing them away because your old, discharged batteries can still be used to craft Power Cells – and the resulting Power Cells will be fully charged.

Fabricate the Mobile Vehicle Bay

In addition to the Titanium Ingot and Power Cell, the Mobile Vehicle Bay also requires 1x Lubricant, crafted from a Creepvine Seed Cluster.

Deploy the Mobile Vehicle Bay

To deploy the Mobile Vehicle Bay, bind it to your hotbar and activate it while below the surface of the water – it will float to the surface and unpack.

Climb up onto the Mobile Vehicle Bay and use the console to fabricate the Seamoth.

In addition to the same 3 materials that were used to build the Mobile Vehicle Bay, the Seamoth itself also requires 2x Glass and 1x Lead.

The Seamoth will be fabricated in midair and, once complete, will fall into the water below.

The Seamoth is finally fabricated and ready to go. Remember to always bring your Repair Tool so that you can make repairs to your Seamoth, and an extra Power Cell with you in case it runs out of fuel in a remote location.