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Subnautica: Lifepod 19

With the Aurora visit completed we now have the Prawn Suit blueprint as well the Seamoth Depth Module MK1, which allows the Seamoth to dive as deep as 300m. It’s no coincidence that this happens to be the same depth where Lifepod 19 sits. Surrounding this lifepod are some new materials that we’ll need in order to construct the Prawn Suit, as well as some wreckage containing a wealth of important blueprints.

Blueprints List

This relatively easy mission rewards the player with a ton of useful new blueprints. The first four listed provide a direct benefit for the Prawn Suit as well as the Seamoth and Cyclops.

  • Vehicle Upgrade Console – Built inside the Moonpool, this console allows charging and customization of the Prawn Suit and Seamoth, as well as fabrication of upgrade modules and ammunition for your vehicles.
  • Moonpool – Required, to house the Vehicle Upgrade Console.
  • Upgrade Station – Used to fabricate depth modules for all 3 vehicles that allow them to dive deeper.
  • Power Cell Charger – Used for charging the cells that power all 3 vehicles.
  • Reinforced Dive Suit – Reduces incoming damage and makes you more heat-resistant. Now that the radiation leak in the Aurora has been repaired, you can ditch your lead Radiation Suit and wear one of these instead.
  • Ultra High Capacity Tank – Even more O2 capacity for your diving suit.
  • Thermal Plant – Converts heat energy into usable power for your seabases.
  • Cyclops Fire Suppression System
  • Light Stick

Getting to Lifepod 19

The radio transmission will give you a beacon for Lifepod 19, so finding it is straightforward.

The lifepod itself is at the bottom of a deep trench. Sitting above that trench is a field of debris with two smaller pieces of wreckage.

This area contains several important blueprints. Some of them are found inside the wreckage and some of them are scattered around with the debris. You will need your Laser Cutter to fully explore each piece of wreckage.

Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm Fragments

The Torpedo Arm allows the Prawn suit to fire torpedoes. There are plenty of fragments laying around.

Moon Pool Fragments

In order to build upgrades and projectiles for your Prawn suit you will need to build a Moonpool. You should be able to find enough fragments to complete the blueprint in this area but if not don’t worry, there will likely be another fragment down in the trench with Lifepod 19.

Vehicle Upgrade Console Databox

Sitting out among the debris is a glowing Databox that contains the blueprint for the Vehicle Upgrade Console. Without this component your Moonpool can’t be used to fabricate arms, projectiles, and other upgrades for your Prawn Suit (and Seamoth.)

Thermal Plant Fragments

The Thermal Plant is a fantastic component for your seabase that will provide endless power with zero maintenance. There are plenty of fragments scattered here.

Exploring the Upper Wreck

In order to access the upper wreck, cut a hole in the Sealed Door with the Laser Cutter.

Inside are a few fragments as well as a databox.

The upper wreckage contains the databox for the Cyclops Fire Suppression System.

It also contains a Modification Station fragment as well as a Light Stick fragment.

Exploring the Lower Wreck

The lower wreck is accessed through this square opening. Just inside is another Sealed Door that must be cut with the Laser Cutter

This wreck contains the blueprint for the Reinforced Dive Suit.

It also holds two Power Cell Charger fragments, enough to complete the blueprint.

Diving Deeper to Find Lifepod 19

With the wreckage thoroughly swept for blueprints it’s time to venture down into the trench where Lifepod 19 sits.

Moonpool Fragment

Most likely you found plenty of these up above but in case you didn’t, here is one more that’s sitting on a ledge above the lifepod.

Rubies and Gel Sacks

If you’ve been following this guide in order you should have all of the ingredients required to build the Prawn Suit, except for these two.

Gel Sacks can easily be farmed using an Exterior Growbed placed underwater, so you really only need to grab one of these.

Rubies are one of the rarest resources in the game and you’re going to need them to build many of the cool toys. Grab as many of them as you can find before leaving this area.

Exploring Lifepod 19

At the bottom of the trench we finally arrive at Lifepod 19.

As with the others, this lifepod is torn open.

A nearby PDA, and one inside the lifepod, give some info about its passengers.

Ultra High Capacity Tank Databox

Sitting next to the lifepod is the databox containing the blueprint for the Ultra High Capacity Tank.