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Add a Bioreactor to your Subnautica Seabase

The Bioreactor converts any biological material into power for your Seabase, providing an endless source of free power as long as someone is around to keep feeding it material occasionally.

Where to Find the Bioreactor Fragments

Bioreactor fragments are scattered generously around the Grassy Plains biome, and their large size makes them easy to spot at a distance. By the time you have the blueprint for the Seamoth you have probably already acquired the Bioreactor blueprint.

Fabricating the Bioreactor

The Bioreactor can only be fabricated at the center of a Multipurpose Room. It costs 1x Wiring Kit, 3x Titanium, and 1x Lubricant.

After being constructed the Bioreactor’s screen indicates that it is INACTIVE, and we can see through the viewing windows that the reactor tank is empty.

At the Bioreactor console, organic items can be loaded into the Bioreactor tank.

The Bioreactor console screen now indicates an ACTIVE status and we can see through the viewing window that the reactor tank is now full of green biofuel.