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How to Get the Habitat Builder in Subnautica

Seabases are constructed, and de-constructed, exclusively with the use of a handheld tool called the Habitat Builder. Compared to other items you’ve built up to this point, the Habitat Builder is fairly expensive and complicated to build, involving multiple layers of intermediary products that you’ll have to fabricate. Fortunately, you should only have to build it once.

In order to fabricate the Habitat Builder you need the following items as inputs at the Fabricator:

  • 1x Computer Chip (2x Copper Ore, 1x Gold Ore, 2x Table Coral Sample)
  • 1x Wiring Kit (2x Silver Ore)
  • 1x Battery (2x Acid Mushroom, 1x Copper Ore)

Broken down to the basic resources, here is what you need to gather in order to fabricate the Habitat Builder:

  • 3x Copper Ore
  • 2x Silver Ore
  • 1x Gold Ore
  • 2x Table Coral Sample
  • 2x Acid Mushroom

All of these items have been covered in previous chapters except for the Table Coral Samples, which are needed to fabricate the Computer Chip.

How to Get Table Coral Samples

Table Coral Samples are easily found in the area surrounding your Lifepod. They are the red, plate-shaped corals that are found attached to rocks, often close to Acid Mushrooms.

To obtain the Table Coral Samples, use the Survival Knife to break off pieces of Table Coral.

The pieces of Table Coral Sample will fall to the seabed below, where they can be collected.

With your Habit Builder in hand, it’s time to start building your Seabase!